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    Cecil Baird , ELONTech Advisor 1)  Do disinformation and digital media constitute a challenge to democracy? Having different opinions is healthy for public debate and democracy. However targeting individuals with alternative facts, fake news, post-truths and lies to influence how they think, decide, and will vote, is very dangerous for our democracy. The impact of…

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  • Blockchain as an instrument for achieving the full exercise of democracy

    Blockchain as an instrument for achieving the full exercise of democracy A more efficient system capable of returning power to the hands of the people (and not just on election day). By Tatiana Revoredo, ELONTech Liaison, Brazil Introduction It is common cases of use of blockchain in health, smart contracts and personal identification, among other…

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  • What if algorithms could abide by ethical principles?

    by Michalis Kritikos, ELONTech Researchers Committee, Head of Law Group Algorithms are step-by-step procedures for solving a problem, usually expressed in computer code as a set of instructions for a computer to follow in order to complete a task. An algorithm can be hand-coded by a programmer or generated automatically from data, as in machine…

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  • Law and New Technologies

    A good start is to think about basic guidelines by Tatiana Revoredo, ELONTech Liaison – Brazil Introduction How can regulation be implemented in new technologies? Shall we use old rules or do we need new rules to discipline them? Who will define them? What are the risks? Not only legislators and regulators have many questions…

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    By Sima Baktas, ELONTech Liaison Turkey Entrepreneurs resort to many alternative ways to accomplish their projects. You have an idea that you think it will be effective, but you do not have enough financial resources… In this case, opinion holders usually ask for loans from the bank, apply for state subsidies …prefer to take advantage…

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    By Sima Baktas, ELONTech Liaison Turkey 1. Government Attitude and Definition: Evaluating concerning the law no. 6493 “Law on Payment and Securities Consensus Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions” which is the closest arrangement related to the electronic money, we see that cryptocurrency is not a payment instrument and does not fit this definition.…

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