TECH NEWS REVIEW Week 20-26 April 2020 , by Stelios Iordanis

Landing AI Creates an AI Tool to Help Customers Monitor Social Distancing in the Workplace – Landing AI

Landing AI Creates an AI Tool to Help Customers Monitor Social Distancing in the Workplace

At first sight, the whole concept seems to violate so many aspects of personal liberties and data, however so many prior beliefs, habits  and mindsets are about to be revised in this new pandemic era.


Hospitals Are Using iPads to Turn Robot Dogs Into Doctors

Cuomo issues order allowing New Yorkers to obtain marriage licenses over Zoom – The Verge

This recombination of existing technologies can also lead to salary competition, for instance highly skilled doctors from low wage countries can compete with doctors in affluent countries.

What is more, the pandemic appears to have the power to end bureaucracy all around the world and eliminate needless transportation with significant economic and ecologic gains, to the point that aggregate consumption will be severely impacted and deflation (in fuel for instance) will persist for a long time ahead.


Researchers studying ultraviolet technology to dampen virus | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases

If this method turns out to be truly safe, it will lead to the replacement of light sources almost everywhere, however scaling and rolling out so many far UVC lamps will be difficult.


Here’s How Plane Seating Could Look After Coronavirus – The Drive

Many simple innovations are proposed for curbing the viral transmissions and if these concepts get adopted, they will make air travel even more unaffordable.


The Wealthy Are Hiding From the Pandemic in Underground Bunkers

Bunkers are coming back as a concept and prepping does not sound so absurd anymore to everyday people. However, the whole bunker idea will appear as elitist to most people and leads to significant waste of resources.


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Has Failed Spectacularly

York Times

Facebook has been a major contributor in open source software, virtual reality and other R&D fields, however its involvement in private cryptocurrencies was very controversial, while it just appeared to be a paypal clone built into the fb platform; this scale back was expected by many.


Here’s How to Turn Into Deepfake Elon Musk During Zoom Meetings

The Deepfake iPhone Apps Are Here – Lawfare

Deepfakes and AI: Fighting Cybersecurity Fire with Fire | Threatpost

Deepfakes and AI: Fighting Cybersecurity Fire with Fire

Deepfakes 2.0: The New Era of “Truth Decay” – Just Security

Deepfakes 2.0: The New Era of “Truth Decay”

Deepfakes open the doors for so many types of fraud, propaganda, fake news, and crime, however it is virtually impossible to contain this AI (deep learning and GAN) technology, which also applies to all software technologies.


Microsoft Wants to Mine Cryptocurrency Using Your Brain Waves

Checking the user if he is concentrated during watching ads or in other contexts in order to offer some sort of micro-reward would definitely appear absurd and disturbing, the chances of adopting it are so low, however we cannot exclude attempts to use it in other cases, for instance schooling or supervising users, workers, etc. and this will definitely trigger reactions.