Tech News Review Week 28 September-5 October 2020, by Stelios Iordanis


Invention Using Terahertz Radiation Could Make Particle Accelerators 10 Times Smaller

Next, this new device could produce bright beams of electrons that would allow us to see in real-time how nature works on the atomic level. These beams could also be applied for cancer treatment.


Lattice Confinement Fusion | Glenn Research Center | NASA

This concept could lead to a new energy source for deep-space exploration missions based on nuclear fusion in the space between the atoms of a metal solid. It also could be used on Earth for electrical power or creating medical isotopes for nuclear medicine.


Researchers develop ‘acoustic metamaterial’ that cancels sound

the acoustic metamaterial could potentially be scaled “to fit inside the central bore of an MRI machine,” shielding patients from the sound during the imaging process. Moreover, the noise mitigation method can be customized to suit nearly any environment by mathematically designing an object that can block the sounds of anything,



Future iPhones could use laser detection of poisonous gas, air quality, or pollen | AppleInsider

Future mobile devices will warn users about poisonous gas or pollen in the local environment, sensing the air using a combination of lasers and other sensors.


Apple patents hydrogen fuel cells for MacBooks and iPads | TechRadar

The underlying patent uses “proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells” that convert hydrogen into electricity and power a computer for “days or even weeks without refueling”.


Terahertz System Scans the Mail for Suspicious Substances – Novus Light Today

The system can be deployed in corporate mailrooms, prisons, law offices and other places against dangers, thus reducing expensive false alarms with ease of use and no risk to health.



3-D bioprinting constructs for cartilage regeneration


Flexible and biodegradable electronic blood vessels

This invention is coordinating with other electronic devices to deliver genetic material, enable controlled drug release, and facilitate the formation of new endothelial blood vessel tissue.



AI System Tops One Billion Neurons on a Desktop Computer – Novus Light Today

One billion neurons on a desktop computer comprised completely of off-the-shelf components. processed three billion synapses per second.

This machine exceeds the processing performance of the human neocortex as CPU alone contains nearly 40 billion transistors and each transistor is nearly a billion times faster than each of the neocortex’s 16 billion neurons.


How a Memory Quirk of the Human Brain Can Galvanize AI

A Simple Neural Network Upgrade Boosts AI Performance – IEEE Spectrum



Plastic-eating enzyme ‘cocktail’ heralds new hope for plastic waste — ScienceDaily

The scientists have created an enzyme ‘cocktail’ which can digest plastic up to six times faster.

A second enzyme, found in the same rubbish dwelling bacterium that lives on a diet of plastic bottles, has been combined with PETase to speed up the breakdown of plastic.


A new way to automate sequences of chemical reactions

This breakthrough automates sequences of chemical reactions via a new spinning device that performs multiple reactions and separations which could ultimately lead to cheaper pharmaceutical substances, that require a complex synthesis process.



Untapped potential exists for blending hydropower, floating PV

Adding floating solar panels to bodies of water that are already home to hydropower stations could produce as much as 7.6 terawatts of potential power a year from the solar PV systems alone, or about 10,600-terawatt-hours of potential annual generation. Those figures do not include the amount generated from hydropower.


Quantum Computing

D-Wave announces launch of new Advantage quantum computer for business use

D-Wave has developed a new quantum computer for use by businesses with 5,000 qubits available over the Internet aiming at practical mathematical optimization problems from all industrials sectors, e.g. for designing new proteins, grocery chain business operations, or car painting systems optimization.