Tech News Review Week 5-12 October 2020


Marine Engineering

DARPA Moves Ahead With Futuristic “Sea Train” Convoy System

This is another technology that can lead to a decrease in seafarer demand, as the switch to autonomous vessels at sea is inevitable for military and transportation applications, as well.



Clearpath Robotics Releases ROS Package for Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot – Clearpath Robotics

Using  ROS Package for Spot, engineers  can use the synergies of available open-source libraries, tools and the greater ROS community to accelerate software engineering for this exciting robot that can replace human for almost all tasks, especially if it gets larger, and more powerful arms are added, which is bound to happen at some point.


AIR-Act2Act: A dataset for training social robots to interact with the elderly

To facilitate the development of robots that can best assist the elderly, researchers  recently created AIR-Act2Act, a dataset that can be used to teach robots non-verbal social behaviors. The new dataset was compiled as part of a broader project called AIR, aimed at developing robots that can help older adults throughout their daily activities.


The US Military Developed AR Goggles For Dogs

A hybrid version of man and machine is now a cliche, but it is equally feasible for animals, too, especially highly trainable dogs.


RT/ Researchers develop versatile robotic fabric | by Paradigm | Paradigm | Oct, 2020 | Medium fabric can be used in  adaptive clothing, self-deploying shelters,or lightweight shape-changing machinery, in squid-like robots that can swim, by generating jets of water.These  soft machines react using weak magnetic fields to move very quickly — even grabbing a quick-moving fly that has landed on it.


1000X Cheaper, 300X Faster: How Amazon Is Disrupting Robot Intelligence

1000x and 300x optimizations can be achieved via simulated worlds where robots are tested in hundreds or thousands of environments much cheaper than ever before without expediting test prototypes, in virtual home, warehouse, road, or industrial conditions. Needless to say, that all these massive computation will take place on the cloud.



Going Beyond Human Brains: Deep Learning Takes On Synthetic Biology

The envisaged software tools are generalizable and can be applied to a wide range of problems and opportunities in biotechnology and medicine.


The Pandemic is Replacing Lawyers with Robots Faster Than Ever – Best of Legal Tech

JP Morgan’s commercial-loan agreements automatization can review thousands of commercial-loan agreements saving up to 360 000 hours annually for lawyers. Small law firms too are turning to a myriad of software solutions thus boosting profits and costs, at the same time. While fully replacing lawyers with robots is not yet realistic, the combination of  man and machine is here to stay.


Quantum Computing

Scientists find evidence of an exotic state of matter in candidate material for quantum computers — ScienceDaily

This is a very promising breakthrough in theoretical physics with tremendous potential in computer science, maybe, however ruthenium is very scarce and hopefully other metal oxides will be found with similar properties.



The Graphene SuperBattery and the Future of Electric Vehicles

Despite having a much lower energy density than typical electric vehicle batteries, the SuperBattery could be used hybrids, plug-in vehicles or hydrogen fuel vehiclesenhancing the power of the main battery in all-electric vehicles during acceleration or other demanding situations, boosting battery life and optimizing cooling of current battery packs.