About Us

European Law Observatory on New Technologies – ELONTech

ELONtech is an initiative* of Law and Technology professionals and researchers who aim to explore the interface of the two fields, the challenges and the barriers between regulation and innovation, as well as the transformation of law enacting and enforcement, the introduction of the decentralized organizations and the disruption that technology brings across all sectors of the economy .


ELONTech’s mission is to serve as reference point, a source of information and training for scientists and professionals in the field of justice and technology; to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the major legal issues, in a comprehensive way that will facilitate innovation and business development in technology.

ELONTech studies the relationship between the technology inventions and innovation and the European regulation progress and process.  ELONtech  examines the further economic and social impact of the regulatory and technology developments. ELONtech pursues to enhance the competence and capacity of European legal practitioners, tech innovators, investors and entrepreneurs , by providing a credible platform of genuine reports, articles, research and audiovisual material, and an open forum of dialectic analysis through  workshops, educational seminars, conferences and networking events among EU policy-makers, law experts and the technology and innovation industry.


ELONTech is a platform for genuine reports, articles, research analysis and audiovisual material, workshops, educational seminars, open fora, conferences and synergies opportunities and networking events with EU policy makers, organizations and private stakeholders from the industry. The Observatory focuses on law’s details that bring major changes to the digital market , the transactions and the protection of the civil rights at the online environment.


  • Blockchain Governance (development and compliance, standardization, policy and regulation)
  • AI: ethics & law (liability, trust, identity, Smart Cars – autonomous devices, etc)
  • Regtech | Fintech
  • Smart Contracts Terms & Use
  • Crowdfunding – ICOs
  • GDPR
  • Creative Industries | Digital Media | Intellectual Property Rights
  •  5G Networks | Cloud Computing | IoT
  • Consumer protection Law , Custom & Duties, Tax
  •  Digital signature |  authentication
  • Digital Democracy | Decentralised Organisations | e-Identity
  •  Cybersecurity
  •  Energy & Environmental Applications , e-Health, Insurance Law



*ELONTech is powered by the non profit civil company MADE GROUP . MADE is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Athens, Greece.