It is with great sorrow that we share with you the sad news of the loss of our beloved professor and Honorable Chairman of ELONTech Advisory Board Lambros Kotsiris.

Professor L. Kotsiris was a true Europhile, a progressive pioneer and intellectual, a tireless scientist of Law and Reason, a sensitive Thinker, a giving teacher.

Addressing him the proposal to become the Chair of the Advisory Board of ELONTech, was the least we could do as a proof of acknowledgment of his great contribution to the European jurisprudence.

He accepted to Chair the Advisory Board of ELONTech with his usual graceful modesty, looking forward to co-create opportunities for research and dialogue among legal scientists and professionals, notably young scholars and the society at large.

Prof. L. Kotsiris during his opening speech at the official launch of ELONTech on June 2nd 2018, at the European Parliament Office in Athens, Greece underlined the importance for lawyers to positively explore, engage and learn everything they can about the technological developments. He urged us to think more and better of what Law and Justice will become in this new era. ‘We need to be optimistic. Because denial may disturb our vision for the future and obscure our judgment on which are the possible threats for humanity that we imperatively need to remove from the dynamics of innovation and technology. What the future will be like, I cannot predict nor I intent to. As Hippocrates, the great thinker said, while relating medicine to farming, ‘ time empowers and  fertilizes everything so be prepared’, in the same way I would say to lawyers and students , stay curious and love to learn.’

Our sincere condolences to his family.

On behalf of the ELONTech management team


Professor Lambros Kotsiris

 Professor Lambros Kotsiris

Professor Lambros Kotsiris was born born in Athens in 1934 , and graduated of the Faculty of Law University of Athens (1956). He was an Officer at the Navy (1957-1959) and a registered Lawyer at the Athens Bar since 1959. He achieved his Ph.D. (Dr.) in Law from the Maximilean University of Munich (1960). He was appointed Professor at the Faculty of Law Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1973 – ) , and Visiting Professor at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas (1987 – 1988). During his Presidency of the Faculty of Law University of Thessaloniki (1989 – 1995), progressive and innovative ideas were implemented for the benefit of the students, while world famous personalities like M.Gorbatsov, R.Posner, N.Mandela were invited and appointed as doctors honoris. L.Kotsiris was also a Professor at the National School of Judges and a life member of the Academy of Athens.


His field of teaching and writing included European Commercial Law, Company Law, Intellectual Property and Copyright Law,etc.

He is the writer of more than three hundred essays and legal opinions into Greek, English, French and German language published in law journals and honorary volumes (republished in four volumes 1980, 1994, 2004, 2006), among which many legal opinions on competition issues to be used before the courts and the Commission of Competition, on bioethics, information law and data protection, technology and ethics.

On 2017, Lambros Kotsiris was awarded with the highest honor of the Hellenic Republic, the medal of the Grand Commandeur , of the Ordre d’Honneur, for his contribution to Culture and Science.