NextGeneration Internet of Things with Alicia Asin

NGI Forward SALON NextGeneration Internet of Things with Alicia Asin

Wednesday, April 14th 2021 – 12:00 PM (EEST)


April has come along with a lot of new questions! Where does IoT go from here? Has IoT failed to live up to its promise? Is the industry evolving in a radically different direction to the one predicted? What is happening now in the IoT market? Some of focal points of the current situation are Hyper-fragmentation, Everything starts with the hardware, Size matters, Human factor, Implicit obsolescence, Security beats privacy, COVID and the Future.
IoT is a totally sector-agnostic technology, with the power to revolutionize cities, agriculture, water treatment, environmental management, mobility, logistics, health. When we talk about IoT success stories, we’re talking about large scale projects rather than stand out countries. Many believe that the real value of IoT is in the data, but conveniently ignore the fact over 80% of that data is processed in the devices themselves. Additionally, the necessary adaptation and evolution of technology to the latest developments makes tenders more sensitive to price due to the replacement and renewal requirements. Should this be a barrier? Could we talk about IoT without mentioning security? The lack of prioritization of security in the proof of concept stage triggers a climate of hypocrisy where companies simultaneously claim security is a top concern. Of course, we mustn’t forget mentioning what we experience in common and have changed our lives…The pandemic! The digital transition will have a profound effect on the world for many years to come, and the IoT sector is no different.
IoT needs to move towards a business model that prioritises holistic IoT solutions, rather than focusing on one specific area. Post-pandemic, the sector needs to become an industry that provides whole solutions to problems in every vertical.
Libelium is exploring new business models that will implement in the near future as part of its strategic shift from hardware vendor profile to whole IoT solutions provider.


Guest Speaker:
Alicia Asín Pérez
Co-founder and CEO of Libelium: making the IoT real

The event is organized by ELONTech, NGI Forward, IoT Council and will be web streamed on the site of ELONTECH, the MADE group.