Privacy Policy

ELONTech operations are supported by MADE.

MADE is a non profit company, registered at the Athens Chamber of Commerce/R.No.143499701000, for social innovation projects, creative synergies, and strategic communications. MADE operates this platform.

By submitting the forms found in ELONTech’s events, you provide us with your personal data and you consent your data to be collected by MADE GROUP and processed by ELONTech management team, only for the non-profit purposes of ELONTech (raising awareness, promoting the educational and scientific activities) We act in compliance with GDPR).

Providing us with your data entered in the forms is a voluntary but necessary act in order we process your application and aprove your participation.  Your personal data will not be transferred to other recipients for any further purpose.If an event of ELONTech is co-organized with a third party, then the third party will have access to this data, but only for and limited to the purposes and the co-organized efforts agreed with ELONTech.  ELONtech does not transfer your personal data to third countries (which means outside European Economic Area).

Under the GDPR and to the extend to its provisions, you have the right to the information about your personal data processing, right to access to your personal data, their rectification, erasure (right to be forgotten), right of restriction of processing, the right to data portability.  Should you require additional information, want to express your concerns about ELONtech data processing or wish to exercise your rights (e.g. to withdraw your consent, access or rectify your data, right to recourse) please contact us by e-mail address: If you are not satisfied with our reply, you have also the right to contact a supervisory authority, which is Hellenic Data Protection Authority:,43534&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL