Open call for ELONTech Academy

«a unique opportunity for law and technical schools students and graduates , to co-create, to co-progress»

ELONtech is an initiative of Law and Technology professionals and researchers who explore the interface of the two fields, the challenges and barriers between regulation and innovation, as well as the transformation of law enacting and enforcement, the introduction of the decentralised organizations and the disruption that technology is having across all sectors of the economy.

For the 2021, we launch the ELONTech Academy: a platform for the students and graduates of Law and Technology Schools across EU.

ELONTech Academy aims to encourage the intellectual curiosity and professional preparation of the young, to explore and analyse in depth some of the most important issues about law, regulation, policy, Democracy and the impact of new technologies and innovation, in collaboration with European and International official Institutions and Educational Foundations and with the mentoring of our esteemed Advisors.

Papers, surveys, reports, articles or the curation of an event/workshop, attendance at ELONTech’s international / regional scientific events are only a few of the activities that the ELONTech Academy members will be given the opportunity to contribute and enjoy.

Should you wish to go further with your expertise and boost your professional development by participating in ELONtech Academy, you may fill-in this form: